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5 min readDec 21, 2021


We come to you now live from the DeFi scene. Something big is coming!

Hello, Sharkies!

We’ve been working on the verge of our productivity during the last weeks and want to update you with the most urgent news! This digest will inform you of the latest team’s accomplishments, changes, and plans.

First, of all Zunami team’s continuous PR efforts resulted in another success. Check the CEO’s opinion piece on DeFi featured in trusted and popular media BeInCrypto and Yahoo Finance with millions of followers.

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It’s Mooncember on the doorstep and analysts are waiting for the new rally!

In all previous bull market cycles, there has been a measurable correction before a rally at the end of the year, and if history rhymes it could be on the cards again.

The cold days are just about to arrive. However, we’re pretty sure that the cryptocurrency audience is the one that doesn’t live by conventional calendar seasons. Trends are changing as well as our perception.

Barring a stock market plunge due to the C-19 Omicron situation worsening, some believe we may be on track for a Santa Claus rally. It’s a term from the stock market when prices rise during the last five trading days in December and the first two trading days in January. However, it has also been noted in crypto markets during previous years and is often shorthand for price rises throughout December.

Last December saw a 47% surge in BTC prices throughout the month, and December 2017 witnessed an 80% pump to a new all-time high at the time. Both were in bull markets like today. Would December 2021 make a difference? We’re about to see soon!

Observing trends like metaverse and NFT, we realize that the cryptocurrency sector is full of surprises and more are coming. There are many ways to make money in the digital asset sector today. As strong DeFi believers, we’re working hard to drive the adoption of this area further. Recognizing an early entry opportunity — it’s what matters to every smart DeFi degen these days.

In the modern DeFi field, it’s all about trust. Tesla’s market value, for example, is not reflected in their current production state of electric vehicles and earnings. However, this is a vision that Elon shares and investors back up with their money. It’s a bet that on the future that will make his visions come true and investors — wealthy.

We’re enjoying the rapidly growing community that likes what we do and anticipated the product launch&development during these months. We are happy to confirm that all the initial works have been completed and the highly-promising Zunami app has finally been launched!

Head to zunami.io and check it out by yourself. Be aware that the security of funds is our priority, but the protocol is still in the process of audit!

We have also finalized our project roadmap. During the complex development process, the team realized that some milestones take longer to accomplish so it was a necessary and natural step to set different timelines and update all data from a realistic perspective in line with current developments.

And we finish our digest with the most intriguing part…

Dear users! Getting into things early is a defining factor in crypto. Aside from making a profit on already established products, realizing another game-changing opportunity is everything. Zunami team has been successful in building the anticipation before the product launch, and we wanted to notify our follower base that this might be just your window to join the cause.

We have experienced a huge inflow into the Global Ambassador Program. More than 2000 users have registered and helped us to spread the word around the world.

After careful evaluation of ongoing activities and global performance, the team’s decision was to extend the program into 2022.

Don’t worry about the points earned by your hard work! We will make sure that all previous progress counts in Phase II. Accordingly, all the rewards will not be distributed after December 24, but after the program closes.

Please note that our team will make the snapshot of the Phase 1 Leaderboard with all the points and ranks earned for challenges and submitted to the Gleam form before 23:59 24.12. We’ll provide an updated list of tasks soon. Stay tuned!

What’s coming next?

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Your Zunami Team

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