Zunami Protocol Milestone Report: Upcoming Launch on BSC and Cross-Chain support

Onwards to stars despite the challenges!

Leverage the BSC Cross-Chain Gateway

How does new concept work?

Let’s get into the tricky details of our new upgrade! The operation of our cross-chain liquidity supply is based on the LayerZero protocol for messaging between networks. We use StarGate as a bridge for sending stablecoins between networks. This powerful bundle enables a seamless transfer of USDT and USDC between 7 EVM networks! The BscZunamiGateway.sol contract was deployed on Binance — this contract accumulates users’ deposits and once a day, the operator sends the collected stablecoins via StarGate to the Forwarder contract on the Ethereum network. ZunamiForwarder.sol accepts funds from other networks, then deposits it into Zunami, receives ZLP tokens on its balance, and finally, sends a message with the total amount of ZLP received to the Gateway of the corresponding network via LayerZero.

BSC Cross-Chain Gateway

Zunami Protocol Analytics

Despite the tremendous market crash and the massive exodus of liquidity from the DeFi market, the Zunami team was able to not only stay afloat, but also solidify and increase the protocol’s TVL. Despite all the difficulties, the platform’s TVL is confidently sitting at the $2 million TVL mark.

Zunami TVL picture & market
Curve deposit costs comparison
Zunami Protocol Users
Zunami Autocompound Income

Launch Zunami treasury

Zunami DAO voted to set a 15% performance fee, which is taken from the income of depositors with auto-compound and distributed to the treasury.

  1. Reduction of risks, availability of funds for payment in case of force majeure, a clear system for compensating losses;
  2. Accumulation of funds for the development of DAO;
  3. Сover operating expenses (deposit and withdrawal optimization, auto-compounding, cross-chain liquidity providing, rebalancing).

Wen Reward ser?



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