Zunami Protocol Launches on Polygon

During this very difficult time for the entire crypto industry, we are continuing to work and code the development of our protocol. We see a lot of activity in the Polygon community and appreciate the efforts of the ecosystem’s developers. That is why Polygon will become the next network on which we will launch the Zunami Protocol.

In July of this year we had successfully launched the application on the BSC network. Users appreciated the advantages of this development and the Zunami pool took up 1st place in terms of profitability among stable pools on the BSC. The BSC community has the opportunity to deposit funds in the most profitable stable pools of the Ethereum network with payment for gas at the price of the BSC blockchain. Thus, small investors received the same conditions for the supply of liquidity as the largest players on Ethereum.

We are continuing to simplify DeFi space, improve user experience and maximize customer profitability. The Stablecoin Yield Aggregator of the Zunami Protocol is now available on Polygon.

We will continue to work on new features for Zunami and assure our users that bigger launches are coming soon. Stay tuned to our news and updates.

Thanks for reading the Zunami blog!

Regards, Your Zunami Team

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Yield Aggregator for the Best Stablecoin Staking. https://www.zunami.io/, https://twitter.com/zunamiprotocol

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