Zunami Protocol Launches Native UZD Stablecoin

Zunami Protocol
3 min readOct 7, 2022

The Zunami Protocol has launched its native stablecoin — the $UZD, which allows users to mint it and supply liquidity to Curve Finance in order to increase resulting yields. Users of Zunami can now boost their APY by minting $UZD and providing liquidity to the pool on Curve Finance.

About UZD stablecoin

The $UZD Stablecoin perfectly solves the stablecoin trilemma thanks to its decentralized nature and by being collateralized by a set of various stable crypto assets, all designed to boost user APY via a rebalancing mechanism. The backing of the $UZD Stablecoin with USDC/USDT/DAI through LP tokens from Curve/Convex and Stake DAO allows it to be exchanged at a 1 to 1 ratio. Given that all of the pools in question are connected to the Zunami Protocol DAO Strategy, users can be certain that their yields will remain high and secure by existing liquidity volumes.

Stablecoins trilemma

To get their $UZD Stablecoins, users of Zunami need to:

  • Access the Zunami Protocol and click on the $UZD Stablecoin section;
  • Select the amount of $UZD they wish to acquire;
  • Press the MINT button to receive $UZD Stablecoins, or the REDEEM button to redeem existing assets.
UZD stablecoin getting

Or you can acquire $UZD through the Curve Finance Pool hassle-free via the following LINK.

The release of the $UZD Stablecoin is a landmark achievement for Zunami. As a rebase token, the $UZD Stablecoin allows users to have their balances grow without incurring any additional staking or engaging in liquidity supply. All users need to do is store the $UZD on their cold or hot wallets to receive stable high APY.

$UZD has a high APY due to the application of the Zunami Protocol DAO Strategy. As a cross-chain yield aggregator that supplies liquidity in stablecoins to the most profitable pools of Curve Finance, Convex, Stake DAO, Zunami rebalances funds between pools, automatically sells rewards and reinvests the income, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of auto-compounding and high APY.

Zunami ETH App

The $UZD retains its attractive and stable nature by virtue of being backed by stablecoins, which are allocated in the liquidity pools on Curve Finance. The Zunami Protocol proxies funds in most major DeFi protocols that have been extensively audited, including Curve, Convex, Stake DAO. The $UZD is also secure from depeg, since it can be redeemed for USDT/USDC/DAI at any time and is protected by the instant redemption mechanism.

The $UZD Stablecoin has been audited and launched based on the proven and trusted Zunami Protocol, which has also been extensively audited. The Zunami Protocol invites all users to participate in the minting of $UZD and take advantage of the high yields it provides!

UZD contract address: https://etherscan.io/address/0x015B94AB2B0A14A96030573FBcD0F3D3d763541F
Zunami UZD pool on Curve.fi: https://curve.exchange/#/ethereum/pools/factory-v2-218/deposit

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