Zunami Protocol got new features!

Zunami Protocol
3 min readJul 12, 2021

Spreading awareness about the blockchain technology, as well as working towards its mass adoption, are the priorities of every member of the Zunami Protocol Team. So today we are glad to share with you new platform’s features and explain how they work.

We’re looking for an integration of an extra feature called automatic loan repayment, which allows users to get a crypto funds equity line of credit.

The key difference is that such loans don’t need to be paid manually as they repay automatically with a profit from deposited stablecoins.

For that purpose we have created our own stablecoin USDZ. In the near future Zunami users will be able to spend credit funds at their own discretion or reinvest USDZ in Zunami Protocol like any other stablecoin.

Automatic Loan Repayment

Also, we expanded the Ethereum version basic concept and added new components to the structure. Now the users have three cases to choose:

1. Users deposit their stablecoins. Firstly, the funds go to the vault and then Controller chooses the optimal strategy and checks the availability of insurance coverage. As soon as the funds are insured and transferred to one of the DeFi apps for profit, the received rewards are automatically sold and reinvested.

2. Users who have made deposits of stablecoins can take a loan in the form of a USDZ token.

3. Users can deposit their ZUN tokens, choose the lockup period and therefore receive additional rewards. Also ZUN rewards are received by anyone who made a stablecoin deposit.

Base concept Zunami Protocol

The picture clearly shows how the Zunami Protocol works. Let’s explain some details:

Vault.sol — core smart contract of Zunami Protocol, storage of deposited stablecoins.
Controler.sol — the controller responsible for choosing the optimal strategy for farming and checking the availability of insurance coverage.
CDP.sol — a smart contract that contains the logic of issuing and repaying loans.
ZunRewards.sol — a smart contract dealing with calculation and distribution rewards for the deposit of stablecoins.
Staking.sol — a smart contract of ZUN staking logic.

The future is coming fast, so we do not stand still and keep pace with it. So follow our progress: