Zunami Protocol Enters into Partnership With Symbiosis

Zunami Protocol
2 min readAug 16, 2022

The Zunami Protocol team is delighted to announce that it has entered into partnership with the Symbiosis multi-chain liquidity protocol. The partnership is aimed at mutually beneficial promotion and overall project traction advancement.

The partnership between the Zunami Protocol and Symbiosis is an important step in the development of the platform’s market accessibility.

The Symbiosis fast-tracks one-click token exchanges between the Ethereum, BOBA, BNB Chain, Polygon, and Avalanche networks, facilitating cross-chain liquidity migration.

By leveraging the capabilities of Symbiosis, the Zunami Protocol will be able to advance its core product value by giving users the ability to exchange any token across any network. As Zunami offers profitable exchange rates by aggregating the best solutions for routing transactions on decentralized exchanges, it facilitates market access for users via an API and SDK that can be seamlessly integrated with other protocols.

The partnership with Symbiosis entails the overall improvement of communication between the project teams, joint research initiatives, marketing activities and collaborations, as well as experience exchange for achieving protocol integration in the near future.

Zunami Protocol allows users to stake stablecoins with the highest yields on the market by aggregating the most profitable DeFi protocols through a single interface and compiling exchange rates.

Symbiosis aggregates decentralized exchange liquidity across any EVM and non-EVM networks. It allows users to swap any token and transfer liquidity. By supporting cross-chain swaps, Symbiosis provides a simpler user experience than existing decentralized exchange solutions.

The joint collaboration and experience-sharing initiative with Symbiosis will allow the Zunami Protocol team to take advantage of combined promotional efforts and extend community reach. The Zunami development team is confident that the partnership will add value to both projects and improve their overall market positions.