Zunami Protocol Announces Official Platform Launch

  • Modern DeFi interfaces are made for professionals and are not convenient for beginners;
  • An overwhelming number of functioning pools to choose from;
  • The need to interact with multiple applications in a row to perform operations.
  • The single pool system and new UI make interaction with DeFi apps smooth & easy by performing all the actions in one step!
  • Frequent changes in pools’ interest rates;
  • Time-consuming interaction with multiple protocols;
  • Most profitable pools/protocols never provide the same lucrative rates.
  • The revenue aggregator independently differentiates and rebalances funds among the best stablecoin pools based on the results of the weekly DAO voting. Delegate, automate, enjoy.
  • Too pricey & inconvenient to sell rewards on your own;
  • Costly deposits and withdrawals.
  • Earned rewards are automatically sold and then reinvested so that users can enjoy the full power of compound interest;
  • Transaction Streamlining Mechanism (TSM) significantly reduces deposit and withdrawal costs and makes yield-farming accessible not only for crypto whales.
  • The development often runs against the grain of users and the community;
  • Unfair distribution of governance tokens;
  • Lack of motivation among holders of governance tokens.
  • Transparent solution of all key issues through voting by ZUN holders. The ZUN token will be credited through the innovative Lockdrop system to ensure the proper functioning of the platform in the long term!
  • Rebalancing and Diversification. Using the Zunami Protocol, you get the best returns on the market while your funds are diversified across trusted pools and DApps. Decisions on the choice of strategy and assets rebalancing are made by weekly DAO voting.
  • Cost optimization. Zunami Protocol is an electric vehicle in the oil and gas era. Our technical solution provides a substantial decrease in deposit costs compared to the industry-leading platforms. This essentially means that your crypto rides will become much cheaper. Get more for less!
  • Auto-compound. Rewards accrued by the user in DeFi protocols are automatically sold and the profits are reinvested. Zunami Protocol App boosts users’ income by allowing them to enjoy the compound interest.
  • Fair distribution of votes among DAO members. Users who have locked their assets for a longer period and have larger amounts receive more votes;
  • ZUN stakers are full-fledged hosts of the Zunami and receive a fee from the protocol’s income;
  • Reduction of tokens in free circulation and a positive impact on the price;
  • Users will be able to stake ZUN tokens for a period of 1 month to 4 years.
  • More ZUN tokens as rewards;
  • More veZUN tokens for voting;
  • More % of the protocol’s profit for stakers.




The future of banks deposits. A simple profitable and secure product for allocating users stablecoins. https://www.zunami.io/, https://twitter.com/zunamipro.

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Zunami Protocol

Zunami Protocol

The future of banks deposits. A simple profitable and secure product for allocating users stablecoins. https://www.zunami.io/, https://twitter.com/zunamipro.

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