Zunami Global Ambassador Program is Live!

About Us


  • Raising awareness on Zunami Protocol and ZUN token globally
  • Building an active large and large Zunami community in social networks
  • Creating and rewarding the Early Adopters Club.

Who is our ideal Ambassador? If you have some of the qualities mentioned below — step in!

  • Zunami and Sharky lover
  • DeFi degen
  • Meme lord
  • Long-term oriented token investor
  • Self-motivated & enthusiastic to help
  • Respectful to other cultures and views
  • Always online (even when you sleep)
  • Educates the world about Zunami
  • Regularly shares Zunami content on all social networks
  • Writes comments, reviews, blogs, makes videos, etc.
  • Translates content to help build international awareness.



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