Month in Rewind — September ‘21

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September was hot. And October is getting hotter.

If you thought that summer’s decline was the kiss of death to the market and the start of another year-long crypto winter — you were wrong. As many times before, Autumn is the month when it usually only gets hotter. The world passed the point of no return in the digital assets last year.

September was a rough road for the cryptocurrency industry. Having started with another NFT boom and 101 NFTs from Bored Ape Yacht Club being sold for $24.4 million at a Sotheby’s auction, it reached the bottom with another round of FUD from China, which has banned Bitcoin. Once again.

Anyway, who really cares anymore? The signs of adoption are looming on the horizon, reassuring us that cryptocurrency is ripe for further record-breaking growth within months. Pretty much like in 2020, institutional adoption opens a gateway to rate growth that was considered unreal some years ago.

First, Twitter added Bitcoin (BTC) donation option that allows Bitcoin donations to be sent. Next, Switzerland’s stock exchange received regulatory approval to launch the digital exchange that might enable it to stay ahead of major exchanges like the New York Stock Exchange as cryptocurrency becomes more popular with heavyweight companies.

In early August, SEC chief Gary Gensler stressed that a compliant ETF could be approved. The official subsequently confirmed that ETFs based on cryptocurrency derivatives have a chance to receive the green light from the Commission. And the crypto community is excited about it.

In the meantime, more households are adopting crypto in leading countries. As indicated in the report by CNBC, the results from a poll conducted by CNBC and the American chemical company Momentive show that more than 10% of people in the USA are actively investing in cryptocurrencies. Quite a staggering figure, taking into account that some twenty years ago, even Internet adoption in the U.S. was nearly the same!

We at Zunami encourage you to learn more about cryptocurrencies. Don’t be afraid to take a step into the digital finance world — otherwise, one day, you might find yourself on the outskirts of modern life.

Zunami’s Battle Report

We’re thrilled to share the first cryptocurrency battle report! In September, the Zunami team did a great job in several directions. We completely remade the website, published a new product concept, launched new socials, and created a brand new video about the Decentralized Revenue Protocol! Not to mention the publications in the press. Our community has grown from a few hundred supporters to thousands!

The project’s development has entered the final stage on the tech side, and the Alpha version will be available on the website in the coming weeks. Moreover, smart contracts were both written and tested. The development department is engaged in the integration of Graph and Gelato protocols.

Our team is also actively issuing updates once a week on Github. We kept our community informed throughout September and will continue doing so later on.

We remind you that one’s path in DeFi is a road of insecurity. We also value our supporters who helped us in the turbulent times when we have built our up-and-coming protocol from scratch.

Great projects are often recognized late. The Zunami team will reward those who managed to be ahead of the curve and invested their time, money, and efforts to help us develop this platform.

Read about Zunami:
In September 2021, we published several articles in the media.

  • “The stablecoin era: unleashing the power of DeFi stablecoins” is an exciting story about the Zunami Protocol published in CryptoNewsBTC and ItWire. Learn how the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and stablecoins are the two rising traits now combining right into a game-changing equation that may profit tech-savvy customers.

Watch about Zunami:
Watch the latest videos on Zunami protocol

We have created an exciting intro video about the Zunami Protocol. Find out more about us!

Also, check out the review done by a famous Youtube blogger here. We’re getting traction already.

What’s coming next?

The product launch is coming! Our team has been actively working to achieve all the goals and will soon tell you more about our complex, easy-to-use technical solution.

The key event of October 2021 will be the launch of the Ambassador Program. We have developed an exciting program with lucrative rewards for anyone willing to contribute to Zunami public image development.

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