Introducing the New Role: Zunami Hero

Zunami Protocol
2 min readFeb 4, 2022


Hey there, frens and Zu believers!

As we promised last time, we’re rolling out a new highly-anticipated role. This one will be totally driven by the community.

Zunami Hero is a role that defines a member of the community who is highly popular with other sharks and is one of the most active members on the Discord server.

Becoming the Zunami Hero grants you love and appreciation from other sharkies and it also gives you rights to: moderate the chat, maintain order, punish violators.

What privileges does it give? Zunami hero is an intermediate role between the captain and general and is rewarded accordingly. Moreover, the administration will closely evaluate your other actions so next awards will be not long to obtain.

We believe that choosing such a character must be in the community’s hands so every time we’ll be launching a vote to choose a new Zunami Hero. There might be more than one Hero so we’ll launch these votes occasionally to add new ones and keep the ranks strong.

How does it work? The Zunami core team, along with generals, puts forward nominees for the role. To earn the role, you need to score at least 50 community votes, also considering that you spent on the server for at least 3 months and previously earned the role of Captain.

We do this so that the role of Zunami hero is given first and foremost to vet community members who have proven themselves worthy and well. Moreover, this step will hopefully help prevent vote speculation and make the process more transparent.

In the future, the nomination process will also be shifted to the community.

That’s it for today! We hope you’d enjoy a new role and help us build a stronger community. Expect more roles coming next!

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