Recently we have seen a rapid growth of the capitalization of stablecoins and this is not surprising. Fiat money is a thing of the past as a vestige of the oil and gas era.

Capitalization of stablecoins

Fiat money are inflationary and it is unreasonable way to store dollars over a long period of time because you will lose all their value.

Interest rates on bank deposits are decreasing, it is not uncommon to see negative returns in European countries. SWIFT is no longer the best way to transfer funds between countries. To open an account, to provide documents, to wait for a day of the transfer — all these things are non-effective for the modern hectic rhythm of life. Keeping money in banks has become unsafe. Banks go bankrupt and have their licenses revoked. Millions of people have lost their funds.

Low bank deposit interest rates push users of traditional banking products into the DeFi world.

But bank deposits have a serious alternative with the advent of DeFi. Users can receive income that significantly exceeds both the % on bank deposits and inflation in virtue of Liquidity Providing and Lending. In crypto world you just need to create a wallet and the money transferring will be completed within 15 min. No one will have any questions about this transaction.

It is much safer to store money in the wallets with private keys that only you have access to. Solely then you become the real owner of your funds.

We predict an increase in the capitalization of stablecoins by more than 10 times over the next 5 years. First of all, this will happen at the expense of banking service users who become disillusioned with banks. The second decisive factor will be offshore companies surely. We will see the flow of billions of $ from offshore legal entities to stablecoins in the next few years. And the third important factor that affects our prediction is understanding that more than 20% of the world’s population do not have access to normal banking services. Cryptocurrency is the only window into the world.

The facts above has brought us to decision to develop a platform for allocating users stablecoins. So we built the Zunami Protocol — a simple profitable and absolutely safe alternative to bank deposits.

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The future of banks deposits. We are developing a simple profitable and very secure product for allocating users stablecoins.