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We are fortunate to be living in a time when some of the most significant financial innovations in centuries are happening. Meager deposit interest rates push users of traditional banking products into the emerging DeFi realm. The capitalization of stablecoins has grown drastically over the years, but the crypto market still doesn’t have a reliable and straightforward solution for stablecoin deposits. We are bridging this gap by creating the first Decentralized Revenue Aggregator that works only with stablecoins and prioritizes funds’ security.

Overcoming the stumbling stones

The technological advancement in finance is undergoing a major reshape during the last few years. Despite the cryptocurrency going mainstream (the latest survey shows that one in ten people in the U.S. is investing in crypto today!), this realm is still observed as a Wild West, full of traps for technologically ignorant users.

Cryptocurrency adoption is on permanent growth, NFTs are getting support from corporations, and even governments have started to accept Bitcoin as the national currency. Does it sound like the whole world is getting crazy about crypto? It seems that most legacy investors have been wrong in trying to evaluate the best investment over the last decade. Well, we’re still in the very early stage of that. How many Bitcoin wallets are there in 2021? The number of unique blockchain wallets created worldwide reached over 70 million wallet users in Spring 2021. Bitcoin bull run sparks $180K BTC price prediction ahead of heavy institutional engagement.

By the Q3 of 2021, more than $150 billion in total value has been locked into the DeFi ecosystem. By this point and there seems to be no stop for this explosive growth. Meanwhile, the TVL (Total Value Locked) also skyrocketed since the start of 2021 and overcame the $80 billion mark. The total number of different protocols and DEXes is over a hundred.

Beyond Ethereum, DeFi communities appear to be proliferating on other chains as well. Binance Smart Chain and Polygon have registered considerable growth thanks to lower fees and improved efficiency in recent months.

Crypto is considered for sophisticated people — and DeFi represents even more risks and a higher entry threshold. Last year, tremendous volatility in capital markets caused unprecedented growth of stablecoins, establishing them as a major trend. As a result, the figure has increased more than 6 times during the year. Even though several transparent and reliable stablecoins have millions of users, the crypto market still doesn’t have a simple, reliable solution for stablecoin deposits. That’s why we pursued a vision to develop the safest automated assets manager that works only with stablecoins and makes the security of funds our main priority.

Tackling the problem smartly

We realized that the leading blockchain is no longer optimal for DeFi apps due to congestion and scaling issues. That’s why we plan to launch on Polygon, BSC, and other popular alternative chains. Users will have an opportunity to choose the best place to allocate funds, regardless of the initial blockchain used to store digital assets.

The capitalization of stablecoins has grown drastically over the years, but the crypto market still doesn’t have a reliable and straightforward solution for stablecoin deposits. We are bridging this gap by creating the safest automated assets manager that works only with stablecoins and makes the security of funds a main priority.

Our team has created the first automated asset manager that works only with stablecoins, with the main priority to create an absolutely safe and more profitable alternative to traditional bank deposit products. With Zunami, stablecoin holders can earn high interest on USDT, USDC, DAI — and support for more reliable solutions are planned. Our smart contracts choose the most profitable farming strategy, ensure all incoming funds and allocate users’ money in the best DeFi app. We also automatically sell rewards and re-invest profits so that users can enjoy all the power of compound interest.

The DeFi protocols in 2021 still have a lot of problems to work with. First of all, it’s frequent changes in interest rates in yield-farming application pools (Yearn, Convex). Next, UX is often complicated due to the abundance of stablecoin pools. The economic model is far from great as it is expensive and inconvenient to sell rewards on your own.

We are developing a decentralized profitability aggregator for stablecoins. Our product selects the most profitable pools and allocates users’ funds to the best of them using a daily rebalancing mechanism. Then, it automatically sells and reinvests the rewards received so that the user can enjoy the full power of compound interest.

Our main features include the mechanism of automatic sale and reinvestment of rewards turns APR into APY, and due to the compound interest the user’s income increases by more than 5%. The mechanism of daily rebalancing into the most profitable pool brings on average 25% more income than storage in one profitable pool. This idea was impossible some decade ago!

Zunami protocol is an entirely decentralized application written on the solidity language, all the logic of which is located inside the blockchain. It works pretty simply: users deposit funds, and then our smart contract checks the availability of insurance coverage. Then, the protocol automatically selects the most profitable strategy with available insurance coverage and sends the user’s funds there. Rewards accrued by the user in DeFi protocols are automatically sold at quick swap or uniswap, and the profits are reinvested!

“ZUN” is the governance and utility token of the Zunami Protocol. Users will receive it as a reward for depositing funds and they can stake ZUN, thereby boosting their profits. ZUN ownership also gives the right to be a member of the DAO and have the right to vote in proportion to the volume of tokens. In the future, all the key protocol changes will be implemented through the DAO.

More about us

The Zunami Protocol team is made of professionals with deep expertise in financial, technological, and marketing fields. Team members have taken part in spearheading the crypto industry startup development during the last few years. Moreover, the crew has two experienced banking professionals on board with years of experience in financial accounting systems, programs for automated accounting and management processes, banks audits, and consulting. The CEO has 7+ years of experience in the financial sector, 5+ years experience with securities investments, and has been an avid crypto startups investor for a long time. On the technical side, we have 3 highly experienced professionals with 20+ years of experience. The marketing and design teams have been battle-tested in the cryptocurrency field since 2017.

The project team’s plans for the current year include upgrading the platform for compatibility with other popular blockchains (BSC, Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche). To boost the awareness, a specific community ambassador program will also be added. In addition, it is planned to launch a liquidation mining program and staking. Audits of the smart-contract code will be taken to reassure users of transparency — the launch of the possibility of deposits with a fixed rate. Finally, the DAO launch will be the cherry on that particular 2021’ cake.

However, we are ambitious for 2022 and ready to tackle any challenges or leverage a new opportunity no matter what’s coming next. Our team thinks about cooperation with insurance companies and the launch of insurance for our product, the launch of Deposits with a fixed rate, and even Zunami’s own DAO.

We are destined to build a reliable decentralized and automated service that will enable more users to broaden a horizon and enjoy the benefits of new financial technologies in the most profitable ways.

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