Compensation Plan

Zunami Protocol
2 min readFeb 7, 2023


Last week, the Zunami Protocol was subjected to several attacks — the sandwich and flashloan. You can learn more about the chronology of the events in our blog post at the following link.

In total, the attackers managed to steal $260k, which cannot be returned.

User funds are currently safe. The protocol was promptly amended to prevent repeat attacks.

The Zunami team has always placed the security of its clients’ funds as a top priority and takes responsibility for the financial losses.

In this connection, we offer our customers a special loss compensation plan.

The Zunami team guarantees the return of the stolen funds for all users who hold their liquidity in ZLP/UZD until the end of 2023. Users do not need to block funds or take any additional actions, they just need to remain in the role of a liquidity provider and maintain a deposit in Zunami.

Any withdrawal and / or balance reduction (amount of ZLP and/or UZD) excludes the possibility of compensation of the stolen funds.

Source of funds for payment to users:

· Zunami Treasury (Protocol profit from performance fee — 15%);

· ZUN token insurance fund after TGE, which is coming soon;

· Zunami Bond Market (new fixed annual income product);

· Company development and growth fund.

Balances (amount of ZLP and/or UZD) must not fall below the given levels to be eligible to receive compensation:

Safety and openness are our main principles and the basis of the Zunami foundation.