A New Take on Zunami!

Zunami Protocol
3 min readJan 16, 2023


Every day we are working on improving the Zunami Protocol by adding new features, fixing bugs, and creating new opportunities to get better returns.

Since the launch of our application on the mainnet, our site has been visited by over 49,700 users from over 190 countries.

We strive to make our product more streamlined, attractive, and user-friendly.

Today, we are introducing the updated Zunami Design System.


The wave became the inspiration for creating the new brand symbol for the project. Its dynamics are based on the intersection of two circles. The crest of the wave ends at the apex at the 30-degree angle.

The text of the logo is based on a minimalistic grotesque font. Each letter has a dynamic slant effect applied to it. Thanks to this effect, the logo looks strict and playful at the same time.

The rounded letters are stylized in a wave shape within the new visual system, ensuring continuity between the name of the project and the brand symbol.

The title in the letter “I” is made in the form of a superellipse, a key element of the new Zunami interface.


This is version 4 of the Zunami interface. And it is quite special. We have remodeled user behavior and created a work environment that is a pleasure to return to time and time again.

We have divided the screen into two large fields. All vital important information about the user and networks is now located on the left side of the screen. The functional part of the service is located on the right side of the screen.

We plan to update all Zunami visuals within a few weeks.

We are working on the interface to make it more convenient for our users to make use of the service. Your feedback is therefore really important to us!

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